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Privately Held

WPCM is a privately-held, real estate investment firm focused on the acquisition and asset management of apartment and retail properties in the Southeastern United States.

Broad Relationships

WPCM leverages its broad relationships with market participants and its experience investing across geographic regions, asset types, and market cycles. The combination of experience and relationships provides an institutional approach that differentiates the firm.

“Alpha” Creation

WPCM targets well-located, quality properties at attractive valuations. By targeting these assets, investing capital to enhance their market position, and implementing best management practices, WPCM believes it can generate “alpha” primarily attributable to realizing income growth in excess of the market averages.


WPCM offers its investment partners direct access to high-yield real estate that provides portfolio diversification and addresses primary investment goals: (i) a need for current income, (ii) security of capital, and (iii) protection of purchasing power.

$10-75 million

WPCM targets middle-market assets ($10-75 million) in the Southeast that offer relative value.