Ashley Achor

Vice President | Corporate Operations
Ashley Achor

Ashley Achor joined Crawford Square in 2018 as the Manager of Corporate Operations with currently more than nine years of commercial real estate experience.

Prior to joining Crawford Square, Ashley worked as a Marketing Coordinator with the land acquisition and industrial team for a Commercial Real Estate firm based in Austin, Texas. During her tenure in Austin, Ashley was responsible for the design and production of the teamโ€™s marketing materials, assisted in business development and produced research and analysis for client procurement and retention. Ashley has experience across many disciplines including marketing, accounting, logistics, as well as office management. Ashley is presently the head of Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable for the entire CSREA portfolio as well as oversees the human resource and IT components for the company.

Ashley earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas State University.

When away from the office, Ashley enjoys spending time outdoors, painting and is a regular at her local Birmingham gym. Sticking with her Texas roots, you can find her at most country venues in town.